TESLA RoboStar iQ500

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Intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner with superior battery capacity

  • 2in1, vacuuming and also wiping with a wet mop at the same time
  • Intelligent laser positioning and navigation
  • Highcapacity 6 400 mAh battery
  • Free Android and iPhone app
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TESLA RoboStar iQ500

An intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner with High Battery capacity.

Imagine the latest cleaning technology in your home. TESLA The RoboStar iQ500 is equipped with artificial intelligence that combines careful space analysis with continual refinement of the scanning algorithm. Cleaning has never been more efficient. You cannot imagine how much time you can save for yourself.

Laser mapping for flawless navigation

The TESLA RoboStar iQ500 robotic vacuum cleaner is space-orientated with the help of a state-of-the-art laser system based on the principle of laser triangulation, which uses high-speed hardware to acquire and process the acquired data. Smart Laser Navigation SLAMtrack 5.0 measures ambient distance data over 8,000 times per second over a range of 360 degrees. The original laser design uses wireless power and optical communication technology for a durable design that achieves a longer lifespan than traditional competitors.

This state-of-the-art technology allows the Robot to know exactly where it is, where it has already cleaned and where a cleaning has not yet taken place. Other sensors such as a laser distance sensor, ultrasonic distance sensor, wall distance sensor or anti-fall sensor also help the robotic vacuum cleaner to be perfectly oriented in space.

English speaking robotic vacuum cleaner with smartphone application in TESLA RoboStar iQ500 is perfectly adapted to Czech customers.

TESLA RoboStar iQ500 smartphone app in English is available for both Android and iPhone.
Pleasant Czech or English voice  announces the immediate state and movement of the vacuum cleaner, which is monitored with intelligent diagnostics.

The robotic vacuum cleaner can also be used in places without WiFi signal. Simply press the button to start cleaning directly on the robotic vacuum cleaner.

Saves your time – vacuums and also wipes with a wet mop In addition, the vacuum cleaner can vacuum and wipe simultaneously.

It uses a wet microfiber mop to wipe the floor, leaving the floor clean, free of micro-dust and other debris.

High Battery Capacity

The basis of any electronic product is always a battery. LG battery cells will amaze you with a total capacity of 6,400 mAh. It provides enough energy for 220 minutes of cleaning on an area of ​​up to 340 m2.

This high capacity battery has no memory effect, so you don’t have to worry about multiple battery charging and discharging. Batteries last much longer than other vacuum cleaners. In addition to the TESLA robotic vacuum cleaner, you will also find a charging station in which the vacuum cleaner is charged automatically.

Convenient operation After each cleaning T

he robotic vacuum cleaner generates a map that you can save. In these maps, you can create a zone or virtual wall for an area that you do not want it to clean. The robotic vacuum cleaner adapts perfectly to all your cleaning requirements. Of course you can also send it to clean up a specific place that you select on the map.

Extreme suction power

The electronically controlled brushless Japanese electric motor NIDEC has a high suction power of up to 2,200 Pa in Turbo mode, which you will appreciate especially when vacuuming carpets with longer hair or heavily soiled areas.

If you don’t need high power, you can also choose between Eco, Standard and Power modes.

Automatic charging

If the battery requires recharging during vacuuming, the robotic vacuum cleaner will drive itself to the base to recharge and then continue where the cleaning stops.

Perfect cleaning Single or double cleaning (grid)

These two styles of cleaning can be further combined with four suction powers: Eco, Standard, Power or Turbo.

Cleanliness every day

The robotic vacuum cleaner is equipped with a wide spiral center 2in1 combo brush and a pair of long antistatic bristle side brushes. Brushes together with powerful motor always ensure thorough cleaning.


Scheduled cleaning

The robotic vacuum cleaner can be conveniently operated wherever the Internet is available. You can activate it remotely and then monitor the cleaning progress in real time. Or conveniently plan your cleaning as you like. Select the start time, duration, number of retries, and the date on which the cleaning should start. When you return home, you will always find your home perfectly tidy.


Automatic floor detection

When switching to a carpet, the suction power will be increased to a higher degree and vice versa (depending on the type and height of the carpet pile).


Parental control mode

In this mode, the buttons on the robotic vacuum cleaner only work when pressed for a long time to prevent accidental activation by touching eg children or pets. Even in this mode, the robotic vacuum cleaner can be controlled using the mobile application.


Double filtration with water washable HEPA filter

The HEPA filter helps to capture fine dust, allergenic mites or animal allergens. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a modern filtration system consisting of a fine mesh of the primary filter and an efficient HEPA filter. Maintenance of the vacuum cleaner is very simple and you do not need replaceable bags for its operation. The TESLA HEPA filter will last longer because it can be washed with clean water and reused. The robotic vacuum cleaner will check if you have forgotten to put the dirt tank into it before cleaning.

Every day better cleaning

The robotic vacuum cleaner firmware is continually improved and its cleaning algorithm optimized. If a new firmware version is available, the application will offer you the option to download the update from the Internet and install it in a robotic vacuum cleaner.


  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Battery warranty: 6 months

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TESLA RoboStar iQ500

399.00449.00 (-11%)

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