LaRoc 120 Natural Eyeshadow Palette


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Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο

Natural Eyeshadow Palette – LaRoc 120 Colour 


This natural eyeshadow palette features 120 colours that include neutral, vibrant, shimmer, matte and speckled.  Each colour is 19mm in diameter to keep giving day in and day out.  The natural eyeshadow palette arrangement gives for easy viewing whilst trying to create your look.  This palette has the flexibility to provide you with a mysterious or bright look.  The eyeshadow is water resistant to keep your look going for longer.


The palette has a stylish black case which is perfect for home use or keeps them safe whilst in travel. L 22.5cm x W 14.2cm x H 1.7cm.

This eyeshadow is kind to skin and can be worn by anyone 12 years and above.


Don’t forget we also have our summer 120 eyeshadow palette available too! 

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LaRoc 120 Natural Eyeshadow Palette


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